- Silicone, Si

- Gallium Antimonide, GaSb

- Silicon On Insulator, SOI

- Gallium Arsenade, GaAs

- Gallium Antimonide, GaSb

- Indium Antimonide, InSb

- Gallium Phosphide, GaP

- Indium Phosphide, InP

- Gallium Nitride, GaN

- Zinc Oxide, ZnO

- Silicon Carbide, SiC

- Silicon Oxide, SiO2

- Cadmium Selenide, CdSe

- Cadmium Telluride, CdTe

- Zinc Sulfide, ZnS

- Zinc Selenide, ZnSe

- Zinc Telluride, ZnTe

- III-V Wafer





For customized wafer, please provide the following information:

a. Diameter

b. Type

c. Doping

d. Orientation

e. Resistivity

f.  Thickness

g. Polish

h. EPD (Etch Pit Density)

i.  Grade

j.  Mobility

k. Quantity



Silicon Wafer
Ceramic Wafer & Substrate
Metal Wafer & Substrate
Thin Film On Wafer & Substrate
Single Crystal Wafer & Substrate

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